Advicent Updates NaviPlan Compliance Programming

Advicent introduced new client report integration capabilities in its latest update of the NaviPlan financial planning software. 

Advicent, provider of financial planning technology to the U.S. advisory industry, has announced new updates to its planning software tool, NaviPlan.

Features in NaviPlan 17.0 include “in-depth data reporting, updates to federal and state tax calculations, and various other improvements to offer accuracy and transparency for client plans.” All of this should promote compliance with Department of Labor conflict of interest standards, which the firm predicts will remain important even if/when the Trump administration succeeds in dialing back reforms in this area.  

George Fischer, senior vice president for product, says the enhancements in the NaviPlan 17.0 update should benefit U.S. and Canadian advisory partners. “Firms can ensure they are both productive in the planning process and foster a transparent, collaborative client-adviser relationship,” he suggests.

“Regardless of what ultimately happens with the DOL rule, Advicent wants to ensure that our partners are prepared with the latest enhancement to support firm-wide compliance strategies,” agrees Angela Pecoraro, president and COO of Advicent. “Even if the rule is eliminated, each of the enhancements in 17.0 will empower our users in providing the best client-adviser experience available.”

The firm is particularly excited to be rolling out “synopsis reporting capabilities” allowing an adviser to provide a list of assumptions and inputs into the client’s plan in a single report, “ensuring the data is correct and the adviser is acting in the client’s best interest … This report presents client data in an easy-to-understand format and style that is consistent with other client reports. The Plan Analysis Synopsis report, like all other NaviPlan client reports, can be included within a client presentation as a compliance requirement, part of a template with other client reports, a special inclusion to a presentation, or a standalone report for clients.”

The firm is also highlighting an updated Quovo integration to include custodial feeds, as well as updates to U.S. federal and state tax calculation capabilities. To learn more, visit