Adhesion Adds Turnkey Option to UMA Offering

Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions Inc., a provider of unified managed accounts (UMAs) for independent registered investment advisers (RIAs), has added a “do-it-for-me” option to its UMA program.

Adhesion’s current clients design their own UMA programs, which are then implemented by Adhesion. Now, the firm said advisers can choose from three different levels of design and support, from custom to turnkey.

Advisers comfortable with asset allocation, manager research, and due diligence can continue to design their own custom strategies, while other advisers can choose the Open Framework or Strategist Turnkey options. The Open Framework Option allows advisers to tap into pre-defined asset allocation frameworks and then inject their own proprietary insight through the selection of specific manager and vehicles with which to implement the portfolio components, the firm said.  Advisers who want to use third-party strategists can use the Strategist Turnkey Option, in which strategists have already engineered multi-manager investment programs for advisers to deliver.

In addition to its new option, Adhesion said it added strategists to its UMA platform: Capital Market Consultants, LLC’s, WealthMark UMA Portfolios and Fund Evaluation Group, LLC’s, FEG/Managed Portfolios. Advisers can learn more about the new strategists in a Webinar scheduled for April 15.

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