401(k) Rekon Adds Provider Rewards Program

401(k) Rekon is introducing a rewards program for plan providers who host educational seminars for plan advisers.  

The Rekon Rewards and Partnership Program was announced by 401(k) Rekon, a research and education company for the 401(k) industry.  The program aims to encourage providers who have hosted educational seminars to recommend them to other providers, arguing that advisers who attend these seminars will see the host-provider in a more favorable light.  Providers who refer new corporate sponsors can receive free sponsorships or a fee.

401(k) Rekon provides the resources for plan providers to host local, small-venue seminars in which they can meet local financial advisers and introduce them to their latest products.The seminars were launched this past summer, and 85 seminars are scheduled for 2011 (see “401(k) Rekon Kicks off Symposiums for Retirement Plan Advisers” and “401(k) Rekon Launches More Symposiums for Retirement Plan Advisers“).   

Advisers can find and register for a symposium in their area by visit http://www.401krekon.com/symposium-container/rekon-symposiums.