Work/Life Balance Still a Concern for Many

Some 89% of respondents to a recent poll said work/life balance is an issue in their lives, including 54% who termed it a "significant problem."

Moreover, according to a news release from pollster StrategyOne, 38% say their work/life balance has become worse since the recession started, while only 10% say it has improved.

“Far from having disappeared from public consciousness, the issue of work life balance remains a concern to American workers – even despite – and perhaps because of – the severe economic downturn,” said Bradley Honan, Vice President of StrategyOne, who authored the study.

The issue has an impact on a third of the workforce, with middle-aged men (ages 34–54) most likely to say they do not have an adequate work/life balance (44%).

Thirty-seven percent of respondents say time with family is the first thing that suffers when the work/life balance is out of whack, while 22% say personal time is most affected.

Further, there appears to be more that companies can do to address this issue. Nearly half of respondents (43%) said their company is not doing enough to address work/life balance issues.

StrategyOne conducted 1,043 online interviews among a representative sampling of Americans between August 20 and 23, 2010.