WisdomTree Launches Global Real Return Fund

WisdomTree has brought its WisdomTree Global Real Return Fund (RRF) to the NYSE Arca.

WisdomTree says the fund combines domestic and global inflation-linked bonds with disciplined commodity strategies and gold exposure. The broad-based ETF, which has an expense ratio of 0.60%, was designed to help position portfolios against short and long-term inflation. RRF seeks to generate streams of income that rise with increases in inflation and commodity prices, and participate in commodity upside while mitigating downside risk of commodity investing through long/short exposure.

RRF aims to offer diversification benefits within overall portfolio strategy, and counter the erosion of value from a declining U.S. dollar. It combines inflation-linked bond exposure from around the world with disciplined commodity strategies designed to provide a managed solution to global inflation. The fund is actively managed, and utilizes a structured, rules-based investment approach.

“Economies around the world are experiencing inflation at different speeds, but U.S. investors should be aware that inflation around the globe can directly impact them,” said Bruce Lavine, WisdomTree President & COO.  “We have designed the Global Real Return Fund (RRF) as a diversified, multi-asset class approach to combating inflation.”