West Texas Adviser Affiliates with PlanMember Securities

Shane Hall Financial has partnered with PlanMember Securities Corporation as a PlanMember Financial Center.

The affiliation expands retirement investment planning and financial education opportunities for educators and employees of non-profits in the West Texas Region.

PlanMember is a national broker/dealer, investment adviser, and member of FINRA/SIPC. With $6 billion in assets, the company provides retirement planning to the public education and non-profit sectors, and specializes in the fee-based 403(b), 457(b), and 401(k) marketplace.

By affiliating with PlanMember as a Financial Center, independent advisers can access the support resources and market access of a national company, while still maintaining their local identity. The national company currently upholds 27 Financial Centers.

Shane Hall Financial advises educators and support staff in West Texas school districts about their Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) pensions, optional retirement plans, and social security. With 15 years’ experience, the company maintains more than $60 million of assets under management. Advisers are approved by the TRS of Texas, through PlanMember and other agreements.

“I began my career as an adviser with PlanMember in 2000, but our recent affiliation as a PlanMember Financial Center opens up new opportunities for us to provide expanded services and products to our clients,” says Shane Hall of Shane Hall Financial. “Drawing on the resources of a top-rated national company while keeping our local presence will open doors to new opportunities and help us build new relationships in the education community in West Texas.”