Vestmark Unveils Integrated Advisory Platform

VestmarkONE Advisor was rolled out as a solution offering flexibility and intuitive design that lets financial advisers manage all fee-based advisory accounts.

The software gives advisers a single platform to manage the entire client relationship and monitor their entire book of business in real time. VestmarkONE Advisor offers real time account oversight, flexible trading tools, model management and rebalancing, daily performance, and client-ready reporting on-demand.  

The platform supports advisers in delivering investment solutions tailored to each client in an efficient and scalable manner. Visualization and proactive alerting capabilities help to support relationships and portfolios. The modeling, rebalancing and block-trading tools of VestmarkONE Advisor simplify and streamline the implementation of trading ideas and strategies across one or more portfolios, with built-in pre-trade compliance checks and tax management for every order. 

For home offices, VestmarkONE Advisor offers a series of compliance controls and guardrails to limit the trading and portfolio management activities an adviser can perform. These controls can be tuned per adviser, allowing firms to flexibly support the varying needs and capabilities of a diverse financial adviser community while diligently enforcing and monitoring all portfolios. 

“VestmarkONE Advisor is a secure, cloud-based platform that enables financial advisers to manage all advisory accounts and seamlessly navigate client relationships at the household level, including held-away assets,” said Rob Klapprodt, president of Vestmark Software. “Financial services firms and wealth management providers can now incorporate their advisers into an integrated investment process that supports all advisory programs.” 

Vestmark provides advisory solutions and wealth management technology. More about VestmarkONE Advisor is here.