VALIC Partners with Mesirow to Offer Investment Services

VALIC is introducing Plan Essentials, a comprehensive platform of investment products and services in partnership with Mesirow Financial.

VALIC Plan Essentials offers two investment lineups that have passed a comprehensive filtering process as part of Mesirow Financial’s fiduciary investment support. One lineup is named “The Core,” and consists of funds that track widely followed market indexes. The other option is the “Expanded” investment lineup, which is best-suited for plan sponsors who feel that their employees have a greater level of investment knowledge or simply want more choices; it has more complex investment alternatives and an expanded range of market capitalization, in addition to the Core investment options.   

Plan sponsors who choose VALIC Plan Essentials receive access to a range of services designed to simplify account management, VALIC announced. Mesirow Financial will act as a fiduciary to select, monitor, and make ongoing adjustments to investment portfolios as needed. Each plan sponsor will have a dedicated, experienced account management team; comprehensive employee communications and education materials; and compliance solutions to ensure adherence to plan requirements.  

The tools and services available for plan participants are designed to address the growing number of technology and investment savvy employees. Participants can choose a more “hands-on” approach to retirement planning, taking advantage of VALIC’s online educational tools and calculators, though seminars, group meetings, and an on-site financial adviser will also be available should participants prefer a full-service experience.