USAA Launches Funds To Address Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

USAA has launched two new mutual funds addressing inflation and rising interest rates.

The USAA Real Return Fund (USRRX) addresses inflation fears by allowing investors to invest in a diversified range of asset classes. According to a press release, the fund is actively managed to adjust allocations according to the market environment. The fund’s asset categories may include U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, bank loans, floating-rate notes, high-yield bonds, precious metals and minerals equities, real estate investment trusts, and commodity-linked investments.   

The USAA Ultra Short-Term Bond Fund (UUSTX) is designed for risk-averse investors who are concerned about rising interest rates and are seeking a bond fund with less price sensitivity due to its shorter maturity and ability to reprice quickly. The fund also seeks to provide better returns than money market funds.   

“Many investors look for solutions that help them address the current market and economic fluctuations. These funds are designed to provide strategic solutions to address two timely market-related concerns: low yields on money market funds and the potential for inflation,” said Dan McNamara, president, USAA Investment Management Company, in the press release.