Updated Report on Mutual Fund Benchmarks Now Available

Strategic Insight has rolled out its annual report on mutual fund fees and expense benchmarks.

The report, “Mutual Fund Industry Fee and Expense Benchmarks 2010,” provides industry benchmarks for key mutual fund fee and expense ratios for fiscal year 2010, including: 


  • Gross Management fee 
  • Waiver/Reimbursement fee 
  • Net Management fee 
  • Transfer Agent Expense 
  • Custody/Bookkeeping Expense 
  • Operating Expenses 
  • Total Expenses before 12b-1 Distribution Fees.  


Strategic Insight, an Asset International company, also offers clients an estimate of fees in U.S. dollars for Transfer Agent Expense per Shareholder Account, and Audit and Legal Expenses.    




This is an annually updated report that is part of Strategic Insight’s fee and expense research. Current clients can access the report at http://www.sionline.com/reports/785.pdf. More information about this, and other reports, is available at http://www.sionline.com/research/overviews.aspx