Turner Emerging Growth Fund Reopened to New Investors

Turner Funds has reopened the Turner Emerging Growth Fund to new investors after being closed for 11 years.

The Turner Emerging Growth Fund invests primarily in stocks of U.S. companies with small and very small market capitalizations that Turner Investments, the investment adviser, believes have strong potential earnings growth. The fund has been managed by Frank L. Sustersic, senior portfolio manager/global security analyst, since its inception in 1998.   

For the 10-year period ended March 31, the Investor Class shares of the fund gained an annualized 10.71%, compared with the Russell 2000 Growth Index’s 6.44% annualized return. Since its inception, the Investor Class shares of the fund returned an annualized 20.06%, beating the Russell 2000 Growth Index’s 3.93% annualized performance.   

More information is at http://www.turnerinvestments.com.