Tool Offers Retirement Guidance for Credit Union Employees

More than 3,000 credit unions now have access to CUNA Mutual Group’s newly released online retirement guidance platform.

RetireOnTarget will enable more than 140,000 credit union employees, whose 401(k)s are administered by CUNA Mutual, to better meet their retirement goals. The technology employed by RetireOnTarget enhances CUNA Mutual’s outcome-based approach to retirement plans by helping participants make informed decisions leading to a financially secure retirement.  A plan participant can determine if they’re investing enough, adjust the risk of their asset allocation and alter goals and their retirement dates.  

“RetireOnTarget is proactively presented to participants. They don’t have to search for it and they can quickly edit it for their personal situation.  We use an ‘easy button’ approach so they can make changes to get themselves back on target.  Frankly, people want guidance, not just education,” said Kevin Thompson, Senior Vice President, Asset Accumulation.

The tool is available at