TIAA Clients Will Soon Use ‘Voice Biometric’ Account Authentication

TIAA says voice recognition technology offers customers a “fast, easy and secure password alternative.”

TIAA announced the launch of its new voice biometric authentication system, aimed at improving customer account security and ease of access. 

The digital technology allows for a more seamless customer experience, the firm says. With the voice recognition functionality, TIAA customers can create a “voiceprint” to securely identify themselves when they call to speak to a representative, transfer funds or check their account balances. The technology eliminates the need to remember yet another password, PIN or account number.

Scott Blandford, executive vice president and chief digital officer at TIAA, explains that when customers enroll in the functionality, the TIAA system will “meticulously capture their unique voiceprint.” By using their secure vocal password, customers will be able to skip many of the various authentication steps used today, he notes, and the system is equipped to detect and safeguard against voice recordings.

Voice biometrics is now available to most TIAA retirement participants. For more information, visit