The Mather Group Leaves Morgan Stanley

The Mather Group, a group of retirement investment advisers (RIAs) led by Stewart Mather, has left Morgan Stanley and opened an independent office in Chicago.  

The Group reports that 99% of the clients Mather served at Morgan Stanley have stayed with the new firm, which now operates independently with the same management team, using Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services as its custodian.

“It was the right time to make this move,” said Mather. “Retirees are suspicious of Wall Street, and they found out in the past few years that they had every reason to be. People are looking for a different breed of retirement investment adviser who operates both independently and transparently on their behalf.”

Mather had served as a Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Morgan Stanley. Earlier in his career, he served as Vice President of Investments at UBS.

The Mather Group focuses on guiding corporate executives and business owners who are preparing for retirement. Their services include investment management, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and insurance procurement.