TEAM Launches Asset Strategy Fund

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based TEAM Financial Asset Management, LLC, has launched the TEAM Asset Strategy Fund (TEAMX), the company announced.

A news release said the new offering is managed by James Dailey and Charles Brennaman and will follow the same strategy that the adviser has used for its private client’s accounts since 2003. The portfolio has the flexibility to invest across the globe, focusing on specific asset classes it believes are best suited to perform well in a given economic environment, according to the announcement. 

“TEAM Asset Strategy Fund will help investors take advantage of global economic trends through a variety of investment vehicles across a wide array of asset classes,” said Dailey, in the news release. “Depending on where we see opportunity, we will invest in everything from traditional equities to commodities and hedging products to help our clients accumulate assets. This approach has been successful in navigating intermediate and short-term market volatility.” 

According to the news release, the company uses complex systems analysis, which it said is a technique typically used by quantum physicists and mathematicians to identify structure in seemingly random chaotic events, such as the unseen but known structures found in beehives or snowflakes. In finance, its laws are applied to help identify the inflection points where trends will change and prices will be affected.

The TEAM Asset Strategy Fund is available through Charles Schwab and direct at