TDAM Launches Sustainability Fund

TDAM USA Inc. announced the launch of a new mutual fund for institutional investors.

Robin Lacey, managing director, TD Asset Management, said in a press release: “The TDAM Global Sustainability Fund offers an innovative combination of companies recognized for their leading approach to building sustainable businesses, as well as companies that are developing interesting solutions for today’s pressing environmental problems.”

The fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity securities of companies from around the globe viewed as contributing to the world’s future sustainability, according to the release. These companies are selected from the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index SM (DJSI World), which consists of approximately the top 10% of companies in terms of sustainability, out of the largest 2,500 companies worldwide by free-flow market capitalization.

The index is based on the comprehensive sustainability assessment by SAM, the Zurich-based sustainability investing specialist, and thus reflects an integrated analysis of economic, environmental and social criteria focused on long-term shareholder value.

“In addition, a portion of the portfolio will be dedicated to emerging specialists in environmental technology,” said Thomas George, Vice President and Director, Portfolio Management, TD Asset Management, in the press release.

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