TD AMERITRADE Offers IRA Resources

TD AMERITRADE said it unveiled new IRA-focused tools and resources to help investors and their advisers better understand how the new Roth IRA rules might impact their retirement investments.

Prior to the 2010 tax year, investors with modified adjusted gross incomes of more than $100,000 were ineligible to convert to Roth IRA. Under the new rules, anyone can enjoy the potential tax benefits of a Roth.

TD AMERITRADE’s said its new resources include:

  • a Roth Conversion Analyzer tool that can help clients decide whether to convert to a Roth;
  • a professional version of the Roth Conversion Analyzer created specifically for the company’s registered investment adviser clients;
  • answers to frequently asked questions about converting to a Roth;
  • an online chat to address TD AMERITRADE’S clients’ IRA conversion questions.

“More than half of our clients indicated in a recent survey a desire to learn more about Roth IRA conversions. Updating our offerings to provide more education, guidance and information was therefore critical in order for us to help more investors better understand how these changes may impact their retirement plans,” said Diane Young, director of retirement and goal planning at TD AMERITRADE (see “Investors Want More Info before Roth Conversion”).