TaxHACKer Launches Retirement Solution

A new retirement plan support program from TaxHACKer seeks to simplify complex tax and pension codes to provide a streamlined solution to clients.

TaxHACKer has launched a new retirement plan solution that offers high-net-worth individuals and small business owners the ability to reduce taxes and self-direct their 401(k) assets into alternative investment options. 

According to the firm, the new solution is powered by a proprietary calculator that blends three elements into one financial planning solution—tax mitigation, wealth creation and retirement planning.

“The cornerstones of this retirement solution are the calculator and the cash balance plan,” explains Dan Harding, founder of TaxHACKer. “The calculator streamlines both tax and pension codes into an easy-to-use and understandable software. With the emergence of the cash balance plan, often not well understood, there’s an opportunity to educate investors on how these plans, in combination with other retirement savings vehicles, can allow for significantly higher retirement plan contributions.”

According to Hardin, the real benefit of the solution is the ability for clients to invest in both traditional and alternative asset classes.

TaxHACKer accommodates clients both with and without a financial adviser, and maintains a network of advisers from which to make recommendations should a client request one. The plan administration model includes expertise and day-to-day assistance from a local third-party administrator, along with easy enrollment and automated plan adoption features.

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