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IMHO: “After″ Thoughts

Last week, I attended a media briefing sponsored by BGI titled “Restoring Confidence: Saving the Future of Retirement.″

Advisers Split Over When Recession Will End

Advisers are divided over when the recession will end—but meanwhile, many of them are seeing retired clients change their investment strategy and are picking up new clients, according to a Charles Schwab survey.

Saks Suspends 401(k) Match, Drops 1,100 Jobs

Upscale retailer Saks has joined a host of U.S. employers in suspending its 401(k) match as part of a broad $50-million to $60-million cost-cutting campaign that includes axing about 1,100 jobs.

Questions 403(b) Participants Might Ask

As 403(b) plan sponsors and advisers have prepared for new Internal Revenue Services regulations in effect as of January 1, no doubt communications with participants about the new environment have begun, but have you told them everything?

Generation Yers Go Their Own Way

Advisers could take note that members of Generation Y might like to make their own investment decisions, but they are also interested in more sources of financial information than other generations.

Gen X, Y Support Autoenrollment

An overwhelming 85% of surveyed members of Generations X and Y think it’s a good idea for employers to voluntarily enroll workers in a retirement savings plan, according to a new study.