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Retirement Plans Still Pumping Up Mutual Fund Ownership

More households own mutual funds inside tax-deferred accounts—such as defined contribution (DC) plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and variable annuities—than outside these accounts, according to the Investment Company Institute.

Wrapping Them Up

Exchange-traded funds are working their way into retirement plans, in a variety of interesting ways

Fee Country

A study by research firm Strategic­ Insight says that advice in the mutual fund business increasingly is provided through fee-based accounts.

Exchange Rates

ETFs continue to be touted as the next best investment for retirement plans, but they are slow to gain traction

Amend “Meants”

Plaintiffs add charges to Boeing 401(k) excess fee suit

Reasonable Doubt

Court rules Smith Barney fund fees not too expensive

Wrong Way

Brokers aren’t boosting returns, study says