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GAO: Current Retirement Income Options Have Drawbacks

Following the deadline for responses to the Department of Labor and Treasury Department’s request for information about lifetime income options in retirement plans, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a letter detailing its findings about options outside of retirement plans.

Certify Able

Some states taking a closer look at adviser certifications

403(b) aware

New 403(b) rules may offer opportunities for advisers to have a "client touch"

457 Exemptions

 IRS issues guidelines for deferred compensation arrangements maintained by tax-exempt entities or state or local governments

Projection Screen?

More than the subtleties of the law, the nuances of crafting a cogent legal brief, and the humiliations that often accompany the public exercise of the Socratic method, surely the most intimidating aspect of my law school experience—certainly in the first year—was the grading.