Tag: Defined contribution

Spinning the Web

Web education tools can help advisers communicate more efficiently and effectively

Beyond Cost

Disclosure not the only issue with 401(k) fees

Small World

Data show micro plans are not simply miniature replicas of the larger-plan space

Annuities in 401(k) Increasingly Accepted

Annuities in defined contribution plans are gaining momentum as aging Baby Boomers seek to create guaranteed retirement income streams, according to "Guaranteed Annuities in Defined Contribution Plans," a report from the Financial Research Corporation (FRC).

So Sue Me

Supreme Court allows individual ERISA suits in landmark ruling

5.9% Projected Growth in DC Assets

Private-sector defined contribution (DC) will grow at an annual rate of 5.9% from 2008 to 2013, though that is a lower rate compared with previous projections based on worsening net flow forecasts, according to Cerulli Associates.

A Wise Choice?

Advisers giving advice through the PPA's fiduciary adviser provision must play by rules that still are not final

Beyond Data Mining

Recordkeeping services can feel commoditized, but the right choice demands careful consideration

DC Favored

Census data show strengthening DB to DC trends

Exchange Rates

ETFs continue to be touted as the next best investment for retirement plans, but they are slow to gain traction

The Same, but Different

Although new rules may make 403(b)s more similar to 401(k)s, they are very much their own plans