Still River Releases New Version of RetirementWorks II

Still River Retirement Planning Software, Inc. has launched a simplified, free version of its RetirementWorks II financial software for retirees and near-retirees.

Still River says this new version has been stripped down from the original software to what it calls the ‘essentials’. It offers advice on almost two dozen financial issues that people in this age group often face. The program takes into account assets, debts, income sources, household expenses, insurance, benefits, health, and financial needs at death when making its recommendations.

People approaching retirement, or those who have already retired, can try the free version here. After entering their information, they will be given a link to the Web-based software, along with a User ID and Password. Those who want to upgrade to the complete system can link back to the RetirementWorks2 Web site to do so.

“The simplified version is suitable only to give people a general idea of where they stand and what they should do,” said Chuck Yanikoski, President of RetirementWORKS, Inc. “We encourage those who use it to consider upgrading to the complete version.” Yanikoski has said that a holistic approach to retirement planning is best (see “It Takes a Village“).