SPARK Issues Final Best Practices for 403(b) Filing Form 5500

The SPARK Institute has published the final version of its Best Practices for ERISA-covered 403(b) plans that must file a full Form 5500. 

“The Best Practices are now available to assist any ERISA-covered 403(b) plan that uses multiple vendors and must gather and aggregate data from their vendors in order to complete the Form,” said Larry H. Goldbrum, General Counsel of The SPARK Institute, in a news release. The SPARK Institute developed the Best Practices through the collective efforts of more than 20 member companies representing thousands of 403(b) plans.  

A draft version was issued two weeks ago for public comment (see “SPARK Issues Draft Best Practices for 403(b)s Filing Form 5500“).  

The document, “Best Practices for Multiple Vendor 403(b) Plans Form 5500 Data Aggregation – Version: F5500-2.0” is available on The SPARK Institute Web site at