Software Firm Develops

FCRC Apps, LLC, a software development firm, is releasing version 3.0 of its Web-based application, is a secure fiduciary governance tool for consultants and plan advisers to use with their plan sponsor clients. FCRC Apps reports that it provides customizable document storage, due diligence applications, committee collaboration tools, a survey tool, and a calendar reminder system.

Used by consultants and investment fiduciaries, version 3.0 includes access to a survey tool that allows the user to create and publish online surveys quickly. It enables the collection of valuable data from a committee so the adviser and sponsor can make more informed decisions and focus the investment committee meetings’ content to the committee’s needs.

Version 3.0 also introduces a calendar reminder system that can help an adviser or sponsor keep tabs on the status of tasks and deadlines assigned to the committee members and important regulatory filing dates.

The company reports that will continue to expand its platform with another release coming in late 2011.