Snowden Adds Two Adviser Teams

The DiCiaccio and LaMothe-Gonzalez Groups have joined Snowden Capital Advisors LLC.

The DiCiaccio team includes John DiCiaccio, managing director, and Leah Thomson Snell, vice president. Jon LaMothe and Luis Gonzalez are managing directors of the LaMothe-Gonzalez team. All members have become Snowden partners.

The DiCiaccio and LaMothe-Gonzalez teams join from Merrill Lynch and have opened a West Coast office in Pasadena, California. The DiCiaccio Group has been ranked in Barron’s “Top 100 Financial Advisors.” Snowden’s new adviser teams manage in excess of $500 million of client assets and substantially strengthen the firm’s advisory capabilities.

“We are excited to have such high quality, ‘culture carrying’ adviser teams place their trust in our firm,” said Rob Mooney, a co-founder of Snowden as well as managing partner and chief executive.

DiCiaccio pointed to Snowden’s culture as a selling point to their team and their clients. “We also appreciate the extensive industry leadership experience of Snowden’s management team,” he said.

LaMothe cited Snowden’s range of advisory services and support, and said the platform was a suitable fit for their clients. “We believe Snowden’s independent, dually registered, open architecture model is emerging as a strong growth model in the industry,” Gonzalez said.

Snowden Capital Advisors is a registered investment adviser and broker/dealer in New York that provides advisory services to individuals and institutional clients.