Small Cap Dominates Institutional Product Performance

Investment Metrics’ (IM) analysis of approximately 6,200 institutional separate account composites and commingled fund products finds the U.S. Small Cap category topped the performance chart in Q1 2011.

Small and Small/Mid Cap tied the quarter with a 10.4% return. U.S. Growth Equity returned 9.7% in Q1, while U.S. Mid Cap Equity gained 9.4%.  

Over the one year period ending March 31, 2011, U.S. Small Cap Equity returned 32.6%, Small/Mid Cap returned 31.7%, and Growth posted a 31.6% gain, according to IM’s data.  

Among fixed income categories, U.S. High Yield Bond led the quarter with 4.3%, followed by U.S. Fixed Income (1.7%), and U.S. Broad Market Core+ and U.S. Investment Grade Corporate (tied at 1.6%).  

Among International and Global products, those in the Global Equity category posted a 5.4% return, while International Equity gained 4.2% and Emerging Markets Debt gained 2.5%.  

Investment Metrics, LLC is an independent provider of investment performance and reporting solutions.  Performance returns of the top quartile breakpoints (top 25% highest values) of each institutional peer group category for periods ending March 31, 2011, are gross of fees.  

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