SEI Advisor Network Pledges No Fees

SEI Advisor Network today announced a program called No Advisor Fees, No Matter What.

The policy is intended to show that the company is committed to maintaining a no-fees policy for its existing and new adviser clients, regardless of the amount of assets a firm has under management, SEI said.

“Advisers who have to worry about account minimums, asset minimums, and program fees can easily be distracted from what really matters–building their practices and consulting with clients,” said Steve Onofrio, Managing Director, SEI Advisor Network.

In the announcement of the policy, SEI Advisor Network said it is planning to launch several new platform features in the fourth quarter of 2010, including an automated marketing campaign generator and a dedicated adviser transaction portal.

The marketing campaign generator offers a variety of easy-to-use email and direct-mail materials that can be effectively launched and managed with minimal effort, according to SEI. The system, located within the company’s existing Web portals, allows advisers to produce effective marketing messaging through multiple touch points, schedule an entire year’s worth of communications at one time, monitor results immediately, and provide clients with communications on their terms and in formats they find useful.

The adviser transaction portal will transmit forms online within seconds (eliminating the need to fax or overnight documents), automatically send email alerts regarding transaction status, and accelerate the processing and revision process.