Schwab Develops Platform for Active Traders

Charles Schwab introduced theStreetSmart Edge program for active traders, which was built to “think like a trader,” and offer a more intuitive experience.  

Schwab says the platform is designed to be flexible and “to grow with a trader.” As traders develop more sophisticated skills or change investment strategies, they can add or modify the features to fit their needs. Some of the tools include:

  • Symbol Hub integrates tools including charts, news, order entry, live data, options chains, technical and fundamental research into one place.
  • Chart pattern recognition uses tested indicator patterns along with screening and charting tools to analyze historical and current market data. Built into the platform, chart pattern recognition can give traders pattern-based strategy ideas and decision support.
  • Flexible charting tools allow traders to change a chart’s style or data. A mini-chart carousel displays small charts for recently viewed ticker symbols.
  • Research is integrated into the workflow. After scanning the live data screen for a specific security or index, traders can use the “research” button to flip the screen and reveal fundamentals on the same symbol.

Kelli Keough, vice president of active trading at Charles Schwab, noted that a number of Schwab’s active trader clients have been beta testing StreetSmart Edge since the fall, and their feedback was used during development.