Saving More a Popular 2011 New Year's Resolution

A new Harris Poll finds 22% of those surveyed pledging to save more for retirement,with 40% planning to save more overall in 2011.

Eight percent intend to make less risky investments in the new year, while 41% will pay down their debt level and 22% intend to ditch one of their credit cards.

Forty-two percent of Americans feel less secure now than a year ago, 36% feel just as secure, and 19% say they now feel more secure.

Meanwhile, according to Harris, 13% rate the job market in their region as “good,” 63% rate it as “bad” and 24% say it is neither good nor bad. Looking ahead, one-quarter of U.S. adults say they expect the job market to be better over the next six months, 22% say it will be worse and 54% believe it will remain the same.

The poll covered 2,331 adults who were surveyed online between December 6 and 13, 2010.