Robeco Investment Management Launches Two Funds

Robeco Investment Management launched two mutual funds.

The Robeco Boston Partners Global Equity Fund (BPGRX) and the Robeco Boston Partners International Equity Fund (BPQRX) are based on similar strategies that Boston Partners has offered to institutional investors: Global Equity since 2005 and International Equity since 2007. A total of $60 million of assets are managed by Boston Partners in these two strategies.

Each of the two new mutual funds has been seeded with $10 million by Robeco Group, the Rotterdam-based parent of Boston Partners. Boston Partners is a division of the funds’ investment adviser, Robeco Investment Management.

The investment objective of the two funds is to provide long-term capital growth. For the Global Equity Fund, at least 80% of its net assets are invested in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity related securities issued by U.S and non-U.S. companies across the capitalization spectrum. The fund may invest in all types of equity securities, including exchange-traded and over-the-counter common and preferred stocks, warrants, options, rights, convertible securities, depositary receipts and shares, trust certificates, limited partnership interests, shares of other investment companies (including exchanged-traded funds (ETFs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs), and equity participations. The International Equity Fund invests in these same types of securities issued by non-U.S. companies.