RIA in a Box Updates Compliance and Automation Software

The MyRIACompliance program from RIA in a Box now includes updated compliance and automation software supporting registered investment advisers.  

RIA in a Box has released an updated version of its MyRIACompliance online RIA compliance management and automation software platform.

According to the firm, the proprietary online software platform has been updated to include customizable employee supervision tools, including compliance document attestation, trading, and activity review tools; online compliance log tracking all firm compliance activities; and an enhanced compliance calendar with suggested compliance activities programmatically tailored to each individual firm.

“With this latest MyRIACompliance release, we have introduced many new features along with a fresh new look,” explains Kin Tam, senior developer for RIA in a Box. “Not only have we made the platform more user-friendly with improved navigation and customizable settings, but with added compliance functionality such as robust employee supervision tools, the platform is now a comprehensive solution for an RIA firm to manage all of its unique regulatory compliance responsibilities.”

The MyRIACompliance system is available to investment advisory firms subscribed to RIA in a Box’s compliance programs. Each subscribing firm’s employees receive individual login access in order to complete mandatory compliance requirements as specified by the firm, in an arrangement compatible with both federally and state-registered firms.