Putnam Introduces Global Sector Fund

Putnam Investments has launched a fund-of-sector-funds providing exposure to all sectors contained in the MSCI World Index.

Putnam Global Sector Fund invests in eight Putnam global sector funds: Consumer, Natural Resources, Technology, Financials, Utilities, Health Care, Telecommunications, and Industrials. The fund’s assets will be allocated among the underlying sector funds to provide exposure to the global market in the same proportions as their sector weightings in the MSCI World Index, and will be rebalanced quarterly to remain in alignment with the fund’s benchmark index, according to Putnam.  

In conjunction with the fund launch, Putnam is introducing an online Global Sector Portfolio Modeling Tool, which allows advisers and investors to build model portfolios of Putnam global sector funds and compare the characteristics of such portfolios to the MSCI World Index.  Users can adjust the sector weightings of model portfolios to see how it affects such portfolio characteristics as price/cash flow, market capitalization, return on equity, and earnings growth.

Advisers can also use the Sector Modeling Tool to receive detailed information on each of the Putnam global sector funds, including current top 10 and historical holdings, country composition, and top overweights and underweights versus the MSCI World Index. In addition, the Sector Modeling Tool can assist intermediaries in constructing a customized portfolio for their clients employing the new Global Sector Fund and the individual Putnam global sector funds.

More information is available at www.putnam.com/globalsector.