Prudential Rebrands JennisonDryden

Prudential Financial, Inc., announced that it will rename its mutual fund family, JennisonDryden, to Prudential Investments.

The new name will go into effect on or around February 16, the company said. While the fund names will change to feature Prudential’s name, the funds’ ticker symbols, investment objectives, and portfolio management teams will remain unchanged.

Jennison-managed funds will continue to carry the Jennison name as “Prudential Jennison.” Dryden and JennisonDryden-named funds will be renamed Prudential.

After the name change, financial professionals can continue to search by fund name, but will need to search under “Prudential” to bring up a complete list of funds. A complete list of name changes is available here (click on the banner).

Prudential has offered mutual funds for more than 20 years, and has sold them under the JennisonDryden name since 2003.