Proskauer Offers ERISA Resource for Employers

The Proskauer Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation & ERISA Litigation Practice Center has launched the ERISA Practice Center Blog.

The blog will serve as a resource to help employers formulate strategies to address unfolding legal and business developments that impact employee benefit plans and assets.  

“As ERISA lawyers know, 2014 will be a year of tremendous change,” said Howard Shapiro, partner and co-head of the Proskauer ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) Litigation Group. “The ERISA Practice Center Blog will discuss pending legal changes and issues before they take place to empower employers with the information they need to avoid costly litigation.”   

Proskauer Partner and Practice Center Co-Chair Myron Rumeld added, “In particular, the Affordable Care Act ushered in many new responsibilities for employers who will be challenged to explain changes under the new law in a way their employees will understand and who may be the subject of employee lawsuits if these communications are not handled properly.”   

The new blog provides commentary on a variety of ERISA-related topics, including: 

  • Employers’ new responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act;  
  • Managing ERISA class action litigation;  
  • Benefit claim administration and litigation avoidance; and  
  • Breaking news on fiduciary responsibility and changes under the law. 

The blog is here.