Program Helps Middle Class Form Financial Goals

NestWise has launched a program to help middle-class Americans develop strong financial behaviors.

Financial Fitness Tracks are self-paced, 90-day programs designed to help participants form new financial behaviors focused on specific outcomes. The Tracks guide participants through a set of small steps that can lead to meaningful outcomes.

The Tracks combine tools, educational articles, classes, peer support from a private Facebook community and personal check-ins with NestWise. Because behavioral change can be difficult, the tracks offer a variety of support so participants have options that work best for them.

NestWise’s debut Financial Fitness Tracks include:

  •  Budget Builder: Track expenses and start building a budget;
  •  Spend Smart: Get on a budget that really works;
  •  Save More: Set savings goals and start moving toward them; and,
  •  Preparing to Invest: Learn the basics of financial planning and investing.

Participants can track their progress on their personal My Track page and receive weekly updates via email. There are regular checkpoints every 30 days, and the Financial Fitness Tracks also include unlimited contact with the NestWise team to answer any questions along the way. 

“Financial Fitness Tracks are designed to serve NestWise Members at any stage: whether they’re just starting out, or want to supplement the ongoing, one-on-one relationship with their NestWise financial adviser,” said Esther Stearns, CEO of NestWise. “Our goal is to help people develop the behaviors and habits necessary to align their financial decisions with what matters most to them.”

NestWise, launched in 2012, is a wholly owned subsidiary of LPL Holdings Inc. that serves a broad set of financial needs for middle-class families and individuals through independent, fee-based financial advisers.

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