PlanMember and Interpacific Announce Partnership

PlanMember Financial Corporation says it will “ally” with Washington-based Interpacific Investors Services Inc., a national marketing and distribution firm.

Interpacific Investors Services (IIS) will initiate a broker/dealer (B/D) withdrawal, the firms announced, and PlanMember Securities Corporation will become the broker/dealer and registered investment adviser (RIA) for all of its financial advisers and securities account holders, effective mid-November 2015.

Interpacific advisers will continue to do business as usual during the transition, according to the firms.

The addition of IIS to the PlanMember network will expand the scope and depth of PlanMember’s independent advisers, while Interpacific advisers will benefit from PlanMember’s broader platform, technology, Web, marketing, training and business development support services. IIS advisers will also benefit from the employer group development and state and federal legislative and industry regulatory support.

Further, PlanMember’s individual retirement account (IRA), 403(b) and 457(b) savings programs and retirement income platforms will be made available to Interpacific advisers looking to expand their business into these areas.

Interpacific Investors Services, founded and capitalized in 1970, is a broker/dealer in 15 states with 10 registered representatives.

PlanMember is a national footprint broker/dealer, investment adviser and member of FINRA/SIPC, with a focus on retirement planning.