Performance and Partnership Key to Female Investors

High-net-worth women put a high premium on performance and personalization from their financial advisers, a survey by Schwab Advisor Services found.

Fifty-eight percent value good, consistent performance, compared with 39% who believe a long-term financial plan is more important.

The survey also found 65% of respondents consider themselves financially independent, and 93% consider themselves either the primary or shared decisionmaker for household finances, as do 84% for investments. High-net-worth women also hold their advisers to high standards for personalization and holistic service, with 84% wanting their adviser to consider their long-term financial needs, 82% their whole financial picture and 70% their current life stage. In addition, 40% want their adviser to consider their immediate needs, and 35% seek help with their children’s financial needs.

“Women—like any serious long-term investors—want advice that is intended for their specific financial situation, long-term plans for their desired lifestyle and accountability in terms of investment performance against goals,” said Bernie Clark, executive vice president and head of Schwab Advisor Services. “Advisers who excel in these areas will be the most successful when it comes to working with high-net-worth women.”

Koski Research surveyed 500 high-net-worth women between age 30 and 70 with average investable assets of $1.3 million for Schwab between May 25 and June 4.