Pension Resource Institute Launches Compliance Tool

It covers service providers, administration, investments and plan governance.

The Pension Resource Institute, a consulting firm on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), has launched a tool kit to help advisers respond to sponsors’ compliance obligations. 

In addition, the Pension Resource Institute has launched a fiduciary education program called Governance-Model Administrative Procedures (G-MAP). It is built around a 10-step process that offers advisers a repeatable framework to help sponsors navigate four key areas of plan operations: service providers, administration, investments and plan governance/documentation.

“As the regulations and scrutiny continue to escalate, plan sponsors are increasingly looking to their advisers for compliance assistance,” says Jason Roberts, chief executive officer of the Pension Resource Institute. “While delivering these enhanced services makes the adviser more competitive, it comes at a cost and underscores the need for scalable and portable resources.”