Paladyne Streamlines Form PF Filing

Paladyne Systems Inc. updated its Reference Data Suite, a reference data management solution, to address increasing hedge fund and private equity regulations, and Form PF filing.

The 8.0 enhancements are aimed at lowering the cost of aggregating, cleansing and managing data, while supporting the increasing regulatory and compliance requirements.

The industry is focused on improving the quality of data while cutting the cost of managing reference data, according to Sameer Shalaby, president, Paladyne Systems. “There is an increased focus on regulatory reporting within the industry, and Paladyne is helping clients with a centralized reference data repository, clean data, and streamlined data flows to mitigate operational risk,” Shalaby said.

Enhancements to the data suite include:

Data Governance Module – Expanded capabilities to design data governance workflows to support compliance, validation techniques and role-based entitlements within their enterprise, enabling higher data quality and controls.

Calculated Fields – Simplified tools to easily build and customize meta-data-driven calculations in user-defined fields, supporting the need to easily define new security types.  

“As-Of” Views – Historical views to provide security instrument data representation “as of” any date in the past by simply selecting an historical date, enabling historical data mining and compliance reporting.

Form PF Reporting – Data enrichment with flexible tagging of securities to support Form PF reporting.

Short Locates Support – Dynamic, easy access to leading prime broker short locate inventories, helping clients with comparing various broker rates for hard-/easy-to-borrow stocks.

Restricted Lists Compliance Checking – Flexible tools for managing trading restricted lists.

ETL Manager – Streamlined tools for quickly customizing and processing new data feeds.

Quote Collection and Challenging – Expanded ability to collect, review, challenge, and audit unstructured quotes from brokers, third-party pricing/valuation providers, as well as proprietary shredders to price listed and illiquid securities.

Paladyne Systems is a Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. company and provider of investment management solutions.