Pacific Life Releases Kit to "Rescue" Retirement Assets

A sales kit for insurance professionals, recently released by Pacific Life, explains how life insurance can help build assets for clients' retirement plans while providing protection to families and businesses through the death benefit, the company said.

The Building Retirement in a Changing Economy kit features case studies, client brochures, a comprehensive pocket guide, and marketing tips, according to a press release from Pacific Life. The firm said by including life insurance in a comprehensive retirement strategy, clients can:

  • Protect their families now and potentially supplement retirement income later.
  • Catch-up on retirement savings.
  • Supplement the accumulation of their retirement income through the use of previously taxed income.
  • Put the value of their business to work for their retirement.
  • Make potentially large and tax-deductible contributions.

“We are in uncharted waters and your clients need help and direction to stay on course to their financial goals, especially retirement,” said Alyce Peterson, vice president of marketing services for the company’s Life Insurance Division. “Adding life insurance to a retirement strategy can stabilize a plan today and offer the potential of supplemental retirement income tomorrow.”

Insurance professionals can get a kit by contacting their Pacific Life representative or by calling 866.722.9555.