Orion Announces Two New Offerings for Advisers

The firm has launched a prospect portal and now offers a depository for financial, legal and personal documents.

Orion Advisor Services, a portfolio accounting service provider for financial advisers, announced it is now integrated with FutureVault, an information management platform.

With this new integration, Orion advisers can now offer their clients FutureVault’s Digital Collaborative Vault to securely deposit, store and manage important financial, legal and personal documents. FutureVault can help improve the sharing and fiduciary tracking of essential documents between Orion advisers and clients in addition to a client’s external network of trusted consultants (i.e. lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, etc.), providing complete transparency and enhanced communication and collaboration.

“FutureVault provides a unique opportunity for Orion advisers to deepen existing client relationships and build multi-generational ones,” says Eric Clarke, CEO, Orion Advisor Services. “FutureVault provides the security and organization that will not only bring quantifiable value to clients’ daily lives, but will also help Orion advisers differentiate their overall offering, streamline business processes, improve the robustness of their compliance regimes and ultimately enhance the overall client experience.”

Key features of the Digital Collaborative Vault include bank-grade security and privacy; optical character recognition (OCR) with smart-filing technology; and a pre-configured digital filing cabinet with a flexible infrastructure for folders, documents and document forms.

Additionally, Orion and Mineral Interactive, a digital design and marketing consultancy for advisers and adviser technology, announced they have partnered to launch the Orion Prospect Portal.

Orion’s Prospect Portal enhances transparency and eliminates the tedious onboarding process for advisers and prospective clients. It offers a streamlined view of the prospect account activity, helping advisers efficiently guide prospects through all the important details required to identify risk, qualify leads, and collect all key information necessary for new account creation. Designed for each firm’s unique workflow, the portal is customizable to the adviser’s onboarding process, complete with custom branding and design that can be integrated directly into any existing website.

Features offered by the portal include:

  • Personalized risk assessment: Integrated with third-party questionnaires and tools like Riskalyze, the portal provides embedded risk assessments and data capture, enabling advisers to efficiently measure suitability.
  • Secure file sharing: To provide absolute transparency and accessibility, the portal enables clients and advisers to share documents and other important files with file sharing applications (Box, Dropbox, and Citrix Sharefile supported).
  • Balance Sheet Integration: The portal enables advisers to capture and richly display clients’ net worth through a tight integration with Wealth Access, a platform that aggregates data feeds from more than 20,000 institutions.
  • Open Source websites delivered through WordPress: The dashboard is powered by WordPress and can be integrated with an adviser’s personal website. If advisers do not use Wordpress, Mineral can help them get a dedicated version of the prospect portal.

More information about Orion Advisor Services is at https://www.orionadvisor.com/.