Northern Trust Unveils Risk and Performance Data Plug-In

Northern Trust released Data Direct, an application designed to access risk and performance data through Microsoft Excel.

According to the company, Data Direct reduces the need for manual exportation of data to spreadsheets. Instead, clients have live access to their data and utilize an intuitive query definition process and drag-and-drop object parameter functionality to streamline the flow of risk and performance data from Northern Trust reporting applications to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Once populated according to client specifications, the Excel spreadsheets interact with Northern Trust servers to update on demand and can be viewed, modified, and integrated with other data sources as needed, the news release said.

Data Direct provides access to a catalog of client information including performance returns, characteristics, ex-post risk statistics, attribution analysis, investment risk services information including predictive (ex-ante) risk exposures, and stress and scenario based simulation data. 

Other highlights of Data Direct include:

  • client data on demand with full refresh capabilities,
  • file sharing functionality with other Data Direct users,
  • integrated technology using Passport  authentication platform, and
  • transportable/accessible outside office networks using available internet proxy connection.