NFP Launches NQDC Platform

Employee benefits and insurance services provider National Financial Partners Corp., known as NFP, unveiled the EXEC360 platform to help advisers run non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans.

NFP says EXEC360 is a cost-effective, comprehensive NQDC platform designed for the small and mid-sized retirement plan market. The platform helps advisers improve outcomes for higher-income participants and can give employers an edge in executive recruiting and retention, among other functions.

EXEC360’s initial rollout will focus on executive deferral plans, NFP explains, and will integrate a variety of investment products, insurance solutions and wealth management support services. The platform has an open-architecture arrangement that is not tied to specific service providers or product suites.

NFP says the platform offers advisers a high level of support in their efforts to enhance client relationships and plan performance. Specifically, NFP and EXEC360 will provide:

  • Consulting and sales support ;
  • Access to NFP NQDC systems and technology;
  • Administration processing and client service support;
  • Case design services;
  • Plan documentation;
  • Implementation services;
  • A dedicated participant site and dedicated sponsor site; and
  • Administrative services, including record keeping, client services and annual enrollment.

NFP provides benefits, insurance and wealth management services and provides diversified advisory and brokerage services to companies and high net worth individuals.

More information on the firm and EXEC360 is available at