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Small Business Owners Not Likely to Offer Retirement Benefits

The 2006 ShareBuilder Small Business Annual Retirement Trend (SBART) Survey found that 63% of respondents do not offer retirement benefits to their employees and more than half (63%) do not know what a 401(k) plan would cost to administer.

Advisers Excited About Growth Opportunities from PPA Provisions

About seven in 10 advisers surveyed by Fidelity believe their business will be a major beneficiary of the Pension Protection Act (PPA), predicting growth between 10% and 49% over the next three years and expecting the number of their 401(k) plan sponsor clients to nearly triple.

Participants Are Getting Their Money's Worth in 401(k)s, ICI Says

At a time when many in the retirement services community and some influential lawmakers are up in arms over fees paid by 401(k) participants, the Investment Company Institute (ICI) has insisted in a new report the fees are not that high and participants are getting their money's worth.

Relationship with Financial Adviser Benefits Women

Approximately half (51%) of women who work with a financial adviser consider themselves “very financially secure″ in their current situation, while only 31% of those without an adviser agree.

Investors Want to Drive Their Own Retirement Savings Plans

Many Americans may be leaving their retirement savings program on auto pilot, but a majority responding to a recent survey was certain of one thing: they wanted to make basic savings decisions without the government doing it for them.

Participants Not Confident in Investing Abilities

Seventy-three percent of plan participants surveyed said they are not overly confident in their investing abilities, according to The Scarborough Group, provider of investment advice and allocation management for 401(k) plan participants.

Support for Family Members Alters Retirement Plans

A survey conducted for Putnam Investments found 15 million workers age 45 or over are providing financial support for an aging parent or adult child, and that is altering their retirement plans.

Pru: Young People Back Auto Plan Features

Two-thirds of America’s youngest workers say they would be “grateful″ and “optimistic″ if their employer automatically enrolled them in the company’s defined contribution plan, according to a new poll.

Study Says Pre-Retirement Connection Key

Connecting with baby boomers while they are still in their working years is critical to establishing relationships for advisers, according to the third annual Lincoln Long Life Survey of baby boomers released by the Lincoln Retirement Institute.

2007 Compensation and Benefits Limits Published

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) unveiled the maximum benefit and contribution limits on qualified retirement plans for 2007, and, for most of the limitations, the increase in the cost-of-living index met the legal thresholds to trigger the changes.

Small Biz Owners Clueless on PPA

A recent poll of 507 small business (companies with 50 employees or fewer, including one-person, owner-operated businesses) owners or CEO’s/Presidents commissioned by ShareBuilder 401(k) found that many small business owners are still focusing on Social Security as a primary source of retirement income, both for themselves and their employees.

Consider Boomer Subgroup When Targeting Communication

To help marketers more accurately target the baby boomer generation, the market research firm of Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB), in conjunction with Arnold Worldwide, concluded a study by identifying five distinct subgroups of boomers.

Getting Better

Is your continuous improvement stalled at the expense of the plan participant?