Practice Management

Process Required for Success in Retirement Income

Adopting a process-centric approach to retirement income management will provide better service to clients and will lead to faster asset growth for the adviser, along with higher productivity and greater client retention.

Retirement Planning High on Advice Agenda

Married men and women participating in a recent survey agreed that the top two reasons for turning to a financial adviser are to prepare for retirement (58% of men and 63% of women) and investment planning (55% of men and 56% of women).

Workers under 35 Interested in Investment Advice

Younger participants are more likely to want advice about in choosing their investments, but those in the $50,000 and under income bracket are the most likely (37%) to want investment advice, a recent survey shows.

Boomer Retirements Fuel Annuity Sales

Advisers who currently target small businesses – or who work with individual participants at businesses of any size – could see a major shift over the next decade, according to a new study.

Financial Advisers Important to Millionaires

The main reasons millionaires turn to financial advisers are to get a recommendation from a trusted person, to reach a certain level of wealth, and to start planning for retirement.

Running on Empty?

As retirement looms, products to help savings last come to the fore.

Managing the RFP Process

A provider search is often one of the most time consuming parts of a client relationship.

Automatic Plans No Silver Bullet

The future of retirement plans may lie in automated savings arrangements, but that can’t be the only means of improving participation and employee engagement.

Fidelity Initiatives Target Participant Engagement

“We’d like to pat ourselves on the back saying we’ve helped people but the evidence is not in our favor,″ said Steve Ulian, Senior Vice President with Fidelity Institutional Retirement Services Company.