Cogent Identifies Leaders of Mega-Plan DC Market

Mega defined contribution plan sponsors, whose plans have $500 million or more in assets, are focused on a unique set of factors when selecting a new asset manager for their retirement plan.

The most important consideration factors include strong, consistent investment performance, good value for the money, best-in-class portfolio and risk management. Cogent said Vanguard takes the top spot in each category, followed closely by PIMCO, Fidelity Investments, and T. Rowe Price.  

“Of course all plan sponsors want the best investment performance they can get for the least amount of money,” says Christy White, Cogent Principal. “Mega plan sponsors are also looking for asset managers that can help manage risk for their DC plan participants.”  

According to Cogent Research’s Retirement Planscape 2011, the top DC asset managers on best-in-class portfolio and risk management practices among mega plan sponsors aware of the brand are: 

1. Vanguard  

2. PIMCO  

3. Fidelity Investments  

4. T. Rowe Price  

5. BlackRock  

6. American Funds  

7. Dodge & Cox  

8. Goldman Sachs  

9. Wells Fargo  

10. J.P. Morgan Asset Management