AIG SunAmerica Partners with TPA PAi

AIG SunAmerica Retirement Markets has announced a partnership with plan administrator PAi, Inc., as part of AIG’s Polaris401 (k) program for small- to medium-sized companies.

Great-West to Offer RolloverSystems to Participants

Great-West Retirement Services is piloting a system that will allow retirement plan participants to roll their assets into an individual retirement account (IRA) through a partnership with RolloverSystems.

XShares Creates ETFs with NY Firm

XShares Advisors LLC has announced its agreement with Elliott Wave International, Inc. (EWI) to create exchange traded funds (ETFs) based on technical methods developed or validated by EWI.

New Payroll Alliances Announced for The Online 401(k)

The Online 401(k), a provider of full-service Web-based 401(k) plans for small and single-person businesses, has signed more than 40 strategic alliances with independent payroll providers across the country as of January 2007.

SunGard and WMSI Launch Marketing Alliance

SunGard has announced a joint marketing agreement between its ProNvest and Signix business units with Wealth Management Systems Inc. (WMSI), a provider of technology-based rollover services.

NASD Fines Three Distributions for Non-Cash Comp Violations

NASD has fined three investment distributors a total of $700,000 for violations of NASD's non-cash compensation rules, including improperly providing entertainment and paying for guest expenses at training and education meetings.

New 401(k) Uses ETFs as Primary Investment Option

National Planning Corporation (NPC) has launched a 401(k) plan program for small and mid-sized companies that uses exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as its primary investment option.

Retirement Plan Participation Declines

Despite steady access to retirement plans, the number of working family heads that participated in their employer’s retirement plan dropped more than 2 percentage points from 2001 through 2004, to 46.1%.

ETFs, Lifecycle Funds May Be a Winning Combination

Two hot retirement plan trends appear to be converging in a way that could ­dramatically alter the investment ­management complexion of 401(k) plans: ­exchange-traded funds and lifecycle funds.

IMHO: An Inconvenient Truth

There appear to be two great debates of our time—Is global warming (oops, I mean global climate change) real? and How much do people need to save for retirement?

Fiduciary Breach Costs CPA $5,000

A California CPA firm will have to pay $5,000 in restitution to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), to resolve a lawsuit alleging that the CPA firm knowingly participated in fiduciary breaches under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

All Equity Markets Gain in Q406

Modest overall economic growth and a subsiding of inflation fears contributed to strong performance from U.S. equity markets in the last quarter of 2006, according to Mercer Investment Consulting (Mercer IC).

Bad Behaviors Thwart Performance

Recent research from UBS Global Asset Management suggests that when individual investors pursue performance over portfolio discipline, they underperform the market – and their own investments.

Latter 2006 Sees Slower Hedge Fund Growth

New hedge funds had a difficult time raising money in the second half of 2006 after the equity market slowdown at midyear and the later meltdown of Amaranth Advisors, according to a new study from Absolute Return magazine.

DALBAR Says Adviser Certifications FAB-Ready

In light of the Department of Labor’s (DoL) latest regulatory pronouncement on offering participant investment advice, DALBAR has already updated its two plan adviser certification programs.