New Fiduciary Designation Program Announced

The new fiduciary designation, Global Fiduciary Strategist (GFS), is being offered by 3ethos, a fiduciary training firm.

The GFS designation will be based on an academic certificate awarded by yet-to-be-announced graduate school, said Don Trone, CEO of 3ethos.

The training for the GFS designation will include both core courses and electives, with electives being drawn from the following practice areas: wealth management, retirement planning, financial planning, health care and special needs planning, insurance planning, and trusteeship (working with foundations and endowments). Professionals will have a choice of completing the coursework online or at one of the designated campuses. Organizations also can request custom training at sites designated by the organization.   

The new fiduciary curriculum is focused on both the role and function of the fiduciary, and how a fiduciary standard should be manifested through an adviser’s leadership behaviors and decision-making process.   

“We’re taking a holistic approach to the subject of fiduciary responsibility, and not merely limiting the training to a summary of what is required by law and regulations. The objective of the training is to prepare industry leaders to serve more effectively as stewards in critical decision-making roles,” said Trone.  

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