DB Market To Experience Major Upheaval

The U.S. defined benefit pension market is going to be hit with a massive shakeup that will see three-quarters of private-sector DB assets frozen or terminated in the next five years, compared to 25% currently.

Is It Hip to Double-Dip?

Many of us will be firing up the grills this weekend and gathering with friends and/or family for the long Memorial Day weekend.

SEC Asks Court for Stay on Overturned Merrill Rule

Although the ruling in Financial Planning Association v. SEC was set to go into effect today, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a stay, asking for more time to transition fee-based brokerage accounts into other account types.

IMHO: Starting Blocks?

There’s little question that automatic enrollment “works,″ at least in terms of turning employees into participants—just as there is little doubt that, left to their own devices, too many employees remain on the retirement-savings sidelines.

Bank of America Sued for Race Discrimination

Five black current and former employees of Bank of America Corp. filed a discrimination suit Thursday against the bank, alleging that it assigns its black employees to primarily minority neighborhoods and low net-worth accounts.

Retirement Will Include Part-time Work

Nearly three-quarters of workers say they plan to continue working on a part-time basis after retirement; 21% say that part-time work will be a major source of retirement income and 52% say it will be a minor source.